Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sir Justin the Bold

To Justin, my adventurous and chivalrous son
From Dad
On your 6th birthday: October 27, 2006

NOTE: I love to write goofy little poems for people. Usually I just stick them in birthday cards for friends or scratch them on the front porch at home with sidewalk chalk. But a few weeks ago, my wife challenged me to undertake to write a special poem for my kids on their birthday each year, and I agreed to give it a try. The boys have been studying the Middle Ages in school. Added to Justin’s well-established love for swordplay and his gentlemanly spirit toward ladies, I was all set for a fitting tribute to my second son. Enjoy!

In these fair lands the tale is told
Of a young knight—Justin the Bold,
The bravest hero in the West,
Who set out on a daring quest
To save a princess from her fate
Of landing on a dragon’s plate!

Sir Justin braved the mountains cold
And mighty seas where high waves rolled;
Across the desert without rest,
He came upon his greatest test—
The dragon’s castle, black as slate
And there behind the iron gate
He saw, with princess in his hold,
The dragon on a heap of gold.

Hot flame spewed from the evil pest
And blazed upon the royal crest
Of Justin’s shield. And with a great
Charge Justin slew the beast of hate,
Thrusting his spear into a fold
Between the dragon’s armor old.
And catching up the maiden lest
She fall, he smiled and did his best
To get her home and not be late
So they could go on their first date!