Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Little Target Practice of My Own

My Resolutions for 2005

OK, I’ve decided to do it. I’m going to go public with my goals for 2005. (Yes, I’m aware that it’s doubtful whether the small readership of this blog can truly be considered “public,” but what else could I say?) Here they are…

1. To orient my heart to Christ’s approval as the strongest and highest motivation for all I do, especially over against approval from others.
2. To demonstrate such a pattern of consistency in prayer in daily life and such a quickness in resorting to prayer in times of need that could truly be called devotion to prayer.
3. To develop a rhythm (2x per week is my tentative goal) of exciting and effective discussions with my two oldest boys to ground them in the fundamental beliefs and practices of the Christian faith.
4. To respect others’ time more by beginning and ending events under my control at the appointed or published times.

That’s it; just four. Every other area of my life is under perfect control. NOT! I have a whole lot of areas beyond just these four that could use some attention. I just don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, and these four are the greatest priorities in my heart right now.

So, why did I put my goals out here for you to read? Three reasons:

  1. I want to demonstrate to you that I don’t just dispense advice without attempting to live by it myself. I’ve encouraged you to set goals for this year, and I want you to know that I’ve done it, too.
  2. I welcome the accountability that publishing these goals creates for me. It helps me combat the laziness and indifference that inevitably set in after a couple months. After all, God designed the Christian life to be lived in community right alongside fellow strugglers, but the benefits of walking together come only when we walk with transparency and openness. By the way, this means that you can feel free to email or call or talk to me anytime you want about any of these goals. It’s open season, and you have all the ammo.
  3. I’m hoping you’ll do the same thing. See that little blue hyperlink “# comments” down there? I want you to use it. I want you to go public with your own resolutions for 2005, at least the ones that aren’t too private. Don’t worry about your grammar or writing style; write however you want. But please write something. I know there are at least a few regular readers out there, most of whom don’t comment. That’s usually perfectly OK with me, but just this once I’m asking you to be brave and go for it. Thanks!


MadMup said...

My resolutions, from my blog:

This year I've decided to make resolutions I know I can keep. At the end of the year, I'll be able to look back on this list with pride, knowing I accomplished what I set out to do.

Without further ado, here's the list!

-gain at least five pounds (bonus points for more than five pounds)
-waste golden opportunities
-increase my movie-watching by at least one movie per week
-barely skate by on things that are important
-use attempts at humor to mask my true thoughts
-increase my reliance on looking at the keyboard while I type (take that, Mavis Beacon!)
-offend at least 33% more people this year than last
-shake off attempts to help me using the magical phrase "I'm fine"

I should be able to get to all of that in a year, don't you think?

Josh said...

This list makes me laugh every time I read it. If I didn't know you well though, it might be downright depressing.

As for the rest of you, your reponse to my request has been absolutely underwhelming. Perhaps you have all resolved to refrain from fulfilling my requests, a resolution that you are keeping quite well. Should I be happy or sad?

Anonymous said...

Resolutions. OK here goes...

1) I aim to go to bed before 11:00. Whoops! Look at the time...
2) To read through the entire Bible.
3) To live the reality that Jesus sees everything I do and everything thing I think about. (I guess that will show up in a regular time of confession!)
4) To pray for my best friend and life companion everyday of this year.

BTW, I don't care if people don't comment, I will always be your most adoring fan.

Anonymous said...

hey josh well i wasn't going to post anything but since not too many people are i thought i would! alrighty here they are my goals for 2005...
1) Have a quiet time everyday (which yay i've been doing it for 9 days straight already)
2) To find the outsiders in my church and get to know them and incluede them in my group
3) To give Godly advise to all my friends (even if the guy is really cute!)
4) To have a better relationship with my parents
5) To look at the good in people and not just talk about the bad stuff
So there's my little list! It could be growing as i think more about it tho. lol but for now i think that's it... Happy Belated New Year!

Josh said...

Great resolutions, Devin! You've covered some really important stuff there. Thanks for posting them. BTW, the godly advice to offer the really cute guys is probably, "Well, you'll have to ask my dad first..." =)

Betts said...

Alright, Josh. I'm a little late to the game, but here they are:

1. Listen to the whole Bible on CD (got it for Christmas).
2. Make my bed 5 times a week.
3. Keep my car clean--inside and out.

So far I'm 2 for 3. I'm listening to my CD's and making my bed, but my car is a wreck!

Kelli said...

Hello PJ!

I always enjoy reading your blog...i've decided to make one too. lol. my new years resolutions are on there, you can check it out when you get the chance. thanks. i can't believe it's 2005!! okay, i'll ttyl. i know it's kinda late in the year but that's alright....HAPPY NEW YEAR Pastor Josh!!!! :) see ya!

Anonymous said...

You can tell alot from a person's resolutions.

Josh said...

Definitely, j. Care to elaborate?

Josh said...

Know what? Scratch that request for elaboration. I figured out exactly what you're talking about...