Thursday, September 15, 2005

Getting Glad in God

My New Blogging Venture

If you're interested, I've begun a second weblog. As you'll read from the description at the top of the page, it's basically my devotional journal.

My goal for my own devos is to get my heart happy in God, and so that's the intent of publishing these thoughts to the web—to stir up joy in God in your own heart.

I also have a couple secondary purposes: 1) to offer you something of a pattern, though an admittedly weak one, for your own reading and meditating on the Scriptures; 2) to offer me a little public accountability for writing something worth reading in my devo journal.

So check it out at your leisure. I hope you’re delighted by what you see of God there.


Matt Harmless said...

Great idea for a blog.

I am doing something similar at:

p.s. Keep up the writing, I really enjoy your blog.

Josh said...

Thanks, Matt, twice. First for the encouragement to keep writing. And second for the devo blog idea. I actually got the inspiration for a devo journal blog from your "Let Me Not Wander." And so I'll return the exhortation: keep writing!

Josh said...

And for those who have noticed, my posts on "Getting Glad in God" have lagged a bit lately. I've not had the time to journal much in the last few weeks mostly because of all the craziness with my brother-in-law. Pray for him! I'm sure I'll write a post or two about his situation and God's grace as things continue to unfold...

Matt Harmless said...

Wow, I didn't even know that you had seen that blog!

thanks again!