Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waiting... [updated]

RE: Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Claims

I have a flurry of new posts I'll probably put up on the blog tonight... posts I wrote earlier this week but I've been saving in the hope that I'll get a few more comments on my question from Friday.
[UPDATE: This has been done, but they are all postdated to the day I originally wrote them. Check 'em out below. 11:29 PM MST]

Special thanks to everybody who has commented thus far. It's been helpful for me to think through your answers as I try to formulate my own. I'm not sure I'm there yet, but I'm going to posit my answer tomorrow.

So... what would YOU say if a skeptic of Christianity asked you: "If your Christ has not succeeded in making you better men and women, have we any reason to suppose that he would do more for us, if we became Christians?"


Eric said...

Josh, you're not getting many comments on this one, but I will try to add some thoughts. There is a part of me that keeps getting hung up on the "better" part of the quote. Unless a person really knows me or knows what I used to be like, prior to my salvation, than what do they have to compare the "better" with? Does better mean more moral, less sinful, or practicing a lifestyle that fits with the skeptics view of how one should live? Or does better mean better off, richer, more comfortable, and less life problems?
However, looking past those questions I believe that skeptics/non-Christians should be able to see a difference in us. As a natural working of grace through sanctification there should be a presence of Christ in our lives that is clearly seen by others. Col 1:9-14, Eph 5:1-14
The message of my life should not be, "Look at how much better my life is now", but rather it should be, "Jesus Christ". As Paul said in 2Cor 4:5 "We do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord..."
To go further into the statement though, the ultimate answer to the question is yes! Regardless of how someone views my life, the truth of the question is that their life, and anyones, would be better with Jesus Christ. So to wrap up my jumbled thoughts on this, I think there is a statement being made in this quote about the majority of true Christians in that we are too much like the world and don't have a true perspective of the Holiness of God and the impact it should have on our lives (starting with me). With that said I must go back to the statement I made above. Christ is the answer. No matter how one perceives what He has done for me, Jesus will do more for them then they can ever imagine.
Thanks for the thoughts and God bless.

Unknown said...

Are you so busy choking down pigs in the blanket that you've forgotten your blogger audience?