Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Unrelated Thoughts of Debatable Coherence

I thought about shutting down the blog today, but my wife talked me out of it. One of the effects of last weekend's conference was to cause me to examine how I am using my time. I judge blogging to be of low relative value; she judges it to be high. She wins. I blog on.

Speaking of blogging and last weekend's conference, I'm intending to do a "Monday Quotables" of lines that caught my attention - verbal incendiary bombs, if you will. Stay tuned.

Still speaking of the conference, it was very encouraging to see former classmates from college (and even two from high school) there. It caused me to reflect on what a work of grace God has done among my friends. It's amazing and wonderful to me that so many of my classmates are still walking with the Lord and serving Him faithfully.

We're heading up into the mountains again later this week. A couple friends are visiting, and we're going to show 'em a good time, Colorado style!

Speaking of little ventures into The Wild, I posted some new pictures of our last trip in the post from a few weeks ago. Check 'em out! ...and then get yourself some plane tickets out here for your own visit!

Still speaking of our last visit to the mountains, here's another picture. Although I refuse to turn this blog into a family photo album (not that I have anything against blogs like that - this just isn't that kind of blog!), I can't help but post this one of me and my precious little girl. We were hiking along a trail at an elevation of 12,000', and it was pretty cold and windy so I tucked her inside my coat and zipped her in. Must have been pretty comfy in there, because she fell right asleep and dozed all the way up and back! Special thanks to the friendly photographer we met along the way who snapped this picture (and the ones I added to that other post below).

The sky is incredibly clear here today. Because our church building is perched atop a sizeable hill, I can see the mountains all the way from the Fort Collins area in the north nearly to Pueblo in the south - around 175 miles. It's stunning. Did I already say something about plane tickets and a visit?

My son got his stitches out yesterday. We're working hard to keep his forehead from scarring (no scratching, daily applications of Vitamin E oil, etc.), but it occurred to me today that he might grow up looking a bit like Harry Potter. That's cool with me, as long as the resemblance ends right there.

Earlier today I sent my wife a text saying, "Callify me when you canify." Weird, I know, but at the time of the text I was working over a memory from my college days. Student Activities Director Rich Akins pointed out to me that you can turn any noun into a verb - and sound rather intellectual in the process - by adding "-ify" or "-ize" to it.

"Honey, would you please bagify my lunch?"
"This room is dark. We'd better chandelierize it."
"Someday I'd like to bookify all these great thoughts of mine."


Anonymous said...

Keep blogifying bro. It helps us flatlanders familiarize ourselves with what altitude sickness must feel like.


kEllEy_G said...

hahaha!! oh how i love that baby girl. cannot wait to see her again & give her lots of kisses. miss you guys so much.

MadMup said...

I'm glad Aundrea encouraged you to keep blogging - as you might suspect, I also see much value in it, especially one like yours. Yes, I wouldn't mind seeing more family stuff on here so I keep up with y'all, but your thoughts on the Christian life are challenging (if somewhat confusing to me sometimes!).

Josh said...

Altitude sickness is what you get when your body knows you're only visiting and sometime soon you're going to have to go back home. Get a realtor and you'll be fine. :)

That goes for you, too! I'm sure Rick will love Detroit, but after the glamor wears off (say, in about 30 minutes), give me a call and I'll find you guys a place out here!

I'm trying to find just the right balance between family stuff and confusing Christian stuff. :) No, I know what you mean - that's kind of why "Waltzian Heresies" is the only label that fits. But I hope it's not too strange overall...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sanity, Josh. I am grateful someone in this messed up family is sane. How about a blog on peacekeeping, forgiveness, reconciliation and such...Apparently I am a hypocrite among holies who do not wish to reconcile - is that not an oxymoron...

Josh said...

Well, we need to deal with all of that stuff outside this context, OK? Good. And as far as peacemaking posts go, I'd suggest that "I, Harlot" fits into that category. It's the first step.