Friday, September 28, 2007

Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints

My Plans for the Weekend

Aundrea and I are headed to Minneapolis for the Desiring God National Conference this weekend, and are we ever looking forward to it! Want to know why? Here are a few reasons for starters:

1. The theme. Endurance isn't applauded much these days. The method of choice for 21st century Americans to improve their lives is to change something: upgrade, trade in, relocate, divorce, enhance. Who ever lists endurance as a personal value? As John Piper writes in his conference invitation: "A long, hard, steady, hold-the-course obedience is a rare and wonderful thing."

2. The speakers. John MacArthur, who has persevered at a single church for almost four decades; Jerry Bridges, who has suffered the illness and death of his first wife; Randy Alcorn, who has endured significant cultural oppression for his pro-life activism; Helen Roseveare, who has served in missions ministry and recruitment for over 50 years; and John Piper, who has endured a thing or two in his own 60+ years and still seems to speak to whatever subject with heated, Christ-centered passion.

3. The corporate worship. Desiring God's lead musicians and worshipers always help us see and savor the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

4. The opportunity to enjoy some spiritual meals together as a pastoral team. Pastors need to be pastored, too, and Bret and I are anticipating some rich nourishment this weekend!

5. Continuing something of a tradition. Aundrea and I have attended this conference three of the five years it has been held. I know many pastors who have never attended a conference with their wife even once. I pity those men.

6. Three whole days with my wife and without kids. Enough said!

Pray for us! We'll tell you how it went when we get back.


Eric said...

I am envious. I would love to go, but I went to the Pastor's conference in February and one conference a year is all I can budget. Look for Keith and Kerry, they are planning on attending. Glad to see that you are back up writing.
God bless,

Gretchen said...


Please DO post on how it went! I am ever so jealous!


Anonymous said...

Does one have to BE somebody to attend this conference?

MadMup said...

This comment is actually for Eric above - Hey, put some stuff on your blog so a person could catch up with you!

Josh said...

All, We had a GREAT time and I will post a thing or two in the next week about it.

E, bummer that you weren't able to attend. We saw Keith and Kerry a couple times, along with several other old friends. This was a very cool little conference extra for me - I mentioned it in today's post.

Mom, if you had to BE somebody to attend, I sure wouldn't be there! So no, you don't. You should have come - maybe next year!